SPL-TOKEN Submission Done Right


My PR.

Update: PR is merged.


Token is the most buzzing word nowadays. Of course, it’s under the assumption that you’re part of the anxious generation called FOMO. Another story on that.

Solana blockchain gradient logo
Solana blockchain gradient logo

As someone who works in the IT industry, our curiosity is our driving force to navigate the ever-changing nature of our work. It depends on how you see the crypto community, you might hate/love it. Or in between. Wait and see. Or simply too cowardly to take aside. I’d like to call the last group of people a realist, which I categorize myself in.


BACH token icon
BACH token icon

Solana is relatively new in this Tokenomic world. But it caught my attention when I was researching another programming language to learn. Rust, based on StackOverflow, is the most loved programming language. Hence my choice.

My take on learning something new is always learning the very basics and jumping right into creating a real case. I’ve been working on my side project since 2015 on my goal to learn Ruby on Rails at that time. So, I created a so-called sub-project called BACH token which is basically a shitcoin based on the SPL-token protocol.

The Registry

Long story show, I’ve managed to create, mint, and kind of create the tokenomic of my SPL-token. The SPL-token design is slightly different from Ethereum based token. The most obvious one is how they handle the submission. For the ETH-based token, the symbol, name, and icon of the token are attached to the contract. The SPL token, on the other hand, is tracked in a specific repo.

Hence, the SPL-token submission follows a PR submission mechanism. If you’re a developer, this is an obvious step. However, I found some caveats when submitting my BACH token.

Two most important takeaways:

  1. Don’t put your addition in the last part of the token list JSON object. See attachment below.
  2. Don’t use non-ascii character on your token symbol.
  3. Don’t submit icon large than 200kb. I had to do this twice. (Bach)
  4. Expect an iteration.
  5. Pay attention to your PR automation.
      "chainId": 101,
      "address": "CTQBjyrX8pYyqbNa8vAhQfnRXfu9cUxnvrxj5PvbzTmf",
      "symbol": "BACH",
      "name": "BACH Token",
      "decimals": 12,
      "logoURI": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/solana-labs/token-list/badd1dbe8c2d1e38c4f77b77f1d5fd5c60d3cccb/assets/mainnet/CTQBjyrX8pYyqbNa8vAhQfnRXfu9cUxnvrxj5PvbzTmf/bach-token-logo-Est.2022.png",
      "tags": [
      "extensions": {
        "website": "https://musik88.com/BACH"

I can explain it further if one needs to. Just comment on this post. You can take a look at my greenish PR here. Lastly, send me your Solana address so I can airdrop you some BACH tokens.

Good luck!


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