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or how I ended up here.


The year is 2009, more or less. The place is in an (I think) 10 sqm room in a free accommodation of a somewhat small factory in Tangerang, Banten. I just got my first computer after working for more than 2 years in the said factory. A PC isn’t typical spending for people in my circle at that time. It turned out my first good investment.

A tab opened on my Google Chrome that points to the-title-of-this-post-without-spaces dot com. It goes without saying that I bought my first modem as well. It’s a SmartFren! Rings a bell??!

The guy running the blog is a veteran American software developer/businessman called Joes Spolsky. You might never hear of his name. But you might have heard StackOverflow, assuming you write code for a living.


I was learning how to code by myself when I stumbled upon Joel’s blog. Why did I start learning how to code in the first place is another story. In one of his posts, he explains other things a software developer should learn. And one of them is economics.

Economics is about resource allocation. That’s what we do as software developers, among other things. And technology, the foundation of the IT industry, is tightly correlated to the economy. For example, do you know that technology is a deflationary force in an inflationary economy? It makes things cheaper as it advances and more accessible to a lot of people.

Sadly I couldn’t find the post. Or maybe I was just hallucinating.


Privacy is really a thing in Europe. It’s more make sense for me after living here for more than 3 years. In the country where I’m from, we prioritize other things. Privacy is simply not one of them.

One of the foundations of digital privacy is private/public-key cryptography. And whenever I search on google about the topic, it always touches the today’s hot topic: cryptocurrency.


I’m no expert on economics. But I always believe that the easiest way to understand how things work is just to jump in right away to the topic. Learning by doing. So I created my own currency called BACH. Just for fun.

If you want to learn more about the foundation of blockchain/cryptocurrency, MIT has its own playlist on YouTube.


Time is a scarce resource.

It’s 2022. It becomes so cheap to create your own currency and play around with it. Like printing more of it like the US government always does during a crisis. Send me your address if you want an airdrop 🙂



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